Dear Friends,

After 45 years it is time to retire. Our website is open and items are still available for sale at this time, but we are looking for someone who might be interested in purchasing our entire inventory.

This consists of all the finished hardware, along with that will be all the unfinished hardware that offers hundreds of pounds of inventory including English, Carpenter, and German locks plus a small collection of earlier European locks. There are American locks both wrought iron and cast-iron rim locks. There are approximately one thousand locks total. Also included is a nice group of seventeenth and eighteenth chest locks, a small selection of period and other furniture hardware. Thousands of keys for all kinds of locks such as English, American, German and some French locks. Mineral, porcelain, jet, narrow neck, and other knobs. Lots of mortise locks some with trim.

There is a nice collection of window locks from the 1830 thru 1900, a selection of French coat hooks, bin pull including many collectible and other small collections of different types of hardware.

What I do not have is a collection of bronze ornate or figural knobs or escutcheon plates.

There is also a large amount of lock restoration supplies.  Coils of spring steel in different sizes, hundreds of mortise lock cylinders, gimp screws, side knob screws, rosettes, key escutcheons and a lot of items that I have forgotten about. Some equipment can be included such as a glass beading cabinet, polishing lathe (one inch arbor), small 12-inch metal break for making keepers, grinders, plus a few hand tool for lock work.

If interested text me at (717) 991 0845 with your name, phone number. I don’t have a mail box on that phone.


Ed Donaldson

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