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1890's reversible ornate cast iron rim lock
1890's reversible ornate cast iron rim lock

1890's Ornate Reversible Cast Iron Rim Lock, Restored, Complete 245-499

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Ornate cast iron horizontal reversible rim lock manufactured circa 1890's, with the letter C with a raised star.  These locks were made throughout the 1890's to commemorate America's entry into the new 20th Century.  Lock measures 3 1/4" x 4 3/8" and is reversible, restored to a black finish, and complete with original white porcelain door knobs, cast iron trim key escutcheon, plain rosette, and one key.  Lock has a finger slide privacy bolt operator seen at the top which allows you to slide the smaller bolt for privacy without using the keyed dead bolt.  Keeper measures 7/8" additional on jamb.  Back set to key way is 2 1/8' - back set to knob center is 3 1/4". Bolts are brass.  Complete with slotted mount screws.

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