18th Century 8 1/2" Brass Rim Lock, Beveled Edge, Right Hand 245-454

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A very large and early brass rim lock with original brass stirrups from the 18th century period - signed on bolt C. Ritchie EDIN r.  (Edinburgh, Scotland).  A moulded edge lock and keeper - not reversible right hand only.  As the lock body is moulded or stepped, the back is larger that the bronze raised section and measures 8 1/2" deep x 5 1/8" high x 1 1/4" on the back without the keeper which is 2  1/16" wide.   The raised front portion of the lock body measures 8" deep x 4 1/2" high.  This lock has a removable back plate mount iin iron shown in separate photo below.  The mount attaches to the door and the lock body attaches to the mount for a lock front that shows no visible screws and offering a smooth exterior used with very high quality locks at the time.  The keeper also offers a hidden screw mount via the removable brass plate that slides over the keeper body once it is mounted to the door.  Lock is restored and complete with early original brass stirrups (2 1/2" across - 2 1/2" drop).   Original brass rosette and key escutcheon (2 1/2" x 1 5/8") with swinging cover also included.  The original iron key measures 4 1/4'  Since this lock has the no visible screw mount, there is no keyhole on the inside and the key is for exterior use only on the deadbolt.  The lock has a slide privacy bolt located at the bottom edge operated by the brass finger slide for the interior.  In excellent condition with fine quality works - back view is pictured with and without the mount plate.     Restored to a polished finish and complete - an unusually large early 18th century period rim lock.
Stirrups can be spaced to fit owner's specific door thickness before shipping - please provide this measurement by phone or email.  
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