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18th century side mount cupbard door hinges
18th century side mount cupbard door hinges

18th Century Side Mount Cupboard Hinges, Wrought Iron, Braced Printles 500-314

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Beautifully executed wrought iron pair of side mount cupboard door hinges, from the 18th century.  Hinges measure 6 5/8" high x 1 7/8" and have been completed with a pair of handmade drive-in braced pintles made at a later time.  Drive-in mounts extend about 1 1/2" and are made to clinch in place.  Pintles overall measure 4 1/2" tip to tip with a nicely formed rat-tail brace copied from early forms.  This type of hinge is not reversible and for a left hand cupboard door hinged on the right.  Restored, black finish, and complete.  


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