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Early 1700 wrought iron drop handle slide bolt
Early 1700 wrought iron drop handle slide bolt

Early 1700's Wrought Iron Drop Handle Slide Bolt , Complete 600-901

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Very early 18th century wrought iron free-moving slide bolt with drop handle.  Held in place with the required two staples on back plates (3" high x 1/2" wide) and the jamb keeper mounted on a back plate.  These staples and keeper are replacement copies made in our own shop.   The original early bolt measures 8 1/4" overall length x 1/2" round diameter.  Each end is worked so the bolt can be used in either direction.  The well formed drop handle drops 4 1/4" and is 3/4" wide across the widest portion.  This type of early bolt are rarely seen today but are well documents in the Albert Sonn book Early American Wrought Iron.  


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