18TH Century wrought iron latch handle
18TH Century wrought iron latch handle

18th Century Wrought Iron Thumb Latch Handle Only - 100-906

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18th century early American Suffolk style wrought iron thumb latch handle as found.  Handle measures 10  1/4" high x 2  1/8" wide at the cusps.  The handle has a 4 3/4" grip opening and is 1  1/8" across the center broad flat front.  The thumb press is flat and mounted below the upper cusp - an early configuration - and is pinned in place.  A straight thumb lift extends out 2  3/4" out the back - good for about a 1 3/4" door. maximum thickness.   Mount holes in cusps are square - showing original mount was with early nails rather than screws.  Unfortunately, they have been  lost during the years.  An additional center round hole in each cusp may have been for decorative purposes only.  Very well executed very early American Suffolk style thumb latch handle, untouched being sold as found.  

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