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18th - early 19th century wrought iron shutter dogs
18th - early 19th century wrought iron shutter dogs

2 Pair 1700's - early 1800's Hand Wrought Iron Exterior Shutter Dogs 641-095

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Original antique Colonial hand wrought shutter dogs or turn buckles from the Colonial Period - into early 1800's.  Documented as found in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and other places in Sonn's Early Ameriican Wrought Iron.  A substantial hold-back with curls at the top and plain flat counterweights.  The dogs or stays measure from 3 3/4" to about 4 1/2"" high x about 1" across x 1/2" thick at base of counterweight.   These dogs were made to drive into mortar on brick houses to hold the shutters back against the exterior wall when open.  The spikes measures approximately 6 1/4" extension except for the one with the tip broken off which measures 5 1/2".  Very old originals - being sold as found showing their age and years of use but still very functional.