Early 1800 Wrought Iron Draw-Back Rim Lock
Early 1800 Wrought Iron Draw-Back Rim Lock

Early Wrought Iron 8" Draw-Back Rim Lock, Complete, Restored 245-534

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Early non-reversible wrought iron draw-back rim lock, circa 1830, a quality and heavy well made lock, restored and in good working condition.  Lock body measures 8  1/4" wide  x 4  1/2" high x 1  1/4" without the keeper which is additional 1 1/4" wide x 4 1/2" high  mounted on the door jamb..  This keeper was hand made in our own shop.  Lock is non-reversible, right hand only.  The draw-back lock operates without door knobs - the latch is retracted inside by the toggle seen in the center left of the lock body.  This toggle slides to retract the bolt.  Outside entry is by the key only which retracts the bolt for entry.  The brass finger slide on the back edge works as a locking mechanism locking the bolt in place and blocking key access as well as the toggle inside.   Includes original iron key and brass key  escutcheon that is a new replacement made in our shop.  Quality iron works are shown in photo of the back.  Complete with slotted screws - ready for installation. 

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