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Early redware knobs with brown mineral glaze
Early redware knobs with brown mineral glaze

Antique Pair Large Redware Mineral Glaze Drawer -Door Pulls Mid 1800's 445-246

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Antique pair of large early redware knobs with the brown mineral glaze from the early to mid 1800's.  Drawer or door pulls with early blunt threaded mount screws pictured in close-up.  Measures 2" diameter across the top, 1 1/4" diameter at base, and extends outward about 1 1/4" when mounted.  Nice condition and  guaranteed to be old.  One pull shows two small divots on the top surface that may be original defects as they look like they have been there a long time.  Mounting through from the front and secured on the back by nuts which are not included.  

Lot of 2 knobs available