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finger slide operator for 7/8" bolt throw 3/4"
finger slide operator for 7/8" bolt throw 3/4"

Antique Victorian Cast Brass Flush Mount Slide Bolt, Complete 600-912

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Single antique Victorian slide door bolt in heavy cast brass, restored and complete.  This bolt is a flush mount semi-mortise which requires a cut-out mortise 3/4" to mount.  Shows flush to the door surface when installed.  This beefy slide bolt measures 4" x 1 7/8" with a 7/8" bolt that throws 3/4".  The side keeper is a replacement made in our shop and measures 1 7/8" x 7/8" with a 3/8" wide visible lip on the front.   Finger slide extends out 1/2".  Polished and working well.  Bolt may be used vertically or horizontally.  

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