Victorian Gong Door Bell
Victorian Gong Door Bell

Antique Victorian Single Gong Door Bell, Bronze, 1870's, Complete 360-502

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Antique Victorian mechanical gong door bell from the 1870's - 1880's/   Assembly mounts directly through an exterior door with the pull handle on the outside and the bell mounted directly opposite on the interior side of the door.  The operating stem from the handle mounts through the door and directly into the bell to trip the bell and ring the single loud gong.  Ornate cast dark bronze decorative "T" pull style lever handle measures 4 1/4" high x 2" at widest with the top of the "T" 2  1/4" across.  Plain cast bronze mechanical bell on cast iron base measures about 5" in diameter and extends 2" proud from door and in original patina.  Bell rings with hearty gong that can be heard throughout the house each time the handle is pulled.  Complete and restored to working order, bell is adjustable to most door thickness up to 2" maximum.   At the time, bells and handles were sold separately and customer's chose each individually so often plain bells were used with ornate handles.  
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