Mallory & Wheeler vertical rim lock, complete
Mallory & Wheeler vertical rim lock, complete

Cast Iron MW & Co. Reversible Lock, Circa 1865 245-416

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Cast iron reversible vertical Janus-faced rim lock, circa 1860's signed MW & Co., New Haven on each side for Mallory Wheeler & Co.  An early reversible American rim lock, these locks feature the latch that operates up and down instead of in and out - similar to the familiar English Carpenter locks.  The cutout keeper allows the lock to release from the jamb keeper when the knob was turned and the latch lifted - the distinctive keeper offers two cutouts which allows it to be mounted as either right hand or left hand.  Lock measures 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" without the 1" keeper. Lock is all original and complete with brown swirl mineral knobs 2 1/4" in diameter and original cast iron trim.  Back set is 2 5/8" - spacing is 2 7/8".  Restored to black finish and complete with one key, ready to install.  Comes with slotted mounting screws. 
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