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Scenic Pioneer Lock by Russell & Erwin patented 1858
Scenic Pioneer Lock by Russell & Erwin patented 1858

Cast Iron Pioneer Scenic Rim Lock by R & E, Patented 1858 245-512

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Early American scenic rim lock in cast iron, accompanied by early mineral swirl door knobs.  One of a series of locks manufactured by Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co., patented Aug. 10, 1858 (signed and dated on back - shown in photo).  The Pioneer Lock depicts a frontiersman in a wood with his rifle and his dog at his heels.  The lock body measures 4 1/2" x 3 5/4" without the keeper and is non-reversible, left hand only.  Back set is 2 5/8" - spacing is 2 3/4.  The  original keeper measures additional 1" wide and shows a grouping of weapons and equipment for hunting in high relief.  Restored and complete with original knobs 2 1/4" in diameter., and original cast iron rosette and key escutcheon for the exterior. with one key.  In excellent restored condition.  A rare piece of  recognized Americana hardware.  Mount screws included.

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