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Very Large Wrought Iron Rim Bolt
Very Large Wrought Iron Rim Bolt

Circa 1800 12" Deep Very Large & Heavy Rim Style Door Bolt, Complete 245-544

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Rare wrought iron rim dead bolt, circa 1800 - very large. heavy, and well made.  This type of bolt was often used in conjunction with another lock or thumb latch, or alone on a door that needed heavy bolted security.  No  knobs or privacy function.  The surface mount bolt body itself measures 7" high  x 12" deep  x 1 5/8" thick. without the keeper which mounts on the door jamb and measures 2 1/4"wide additional with brass edge trim (keeper is a new replacement made in our shop).  This bolt is not reversible, for a left hand door only hinged on the right.  Bolt is restored and complete with 8" brass key long enough to accommodate a 2  1/2" door thickness.  Also included oval brass key escutcheon 3  1/2" high x 2  1/2" across.  Both key and escutcheon are period appropriate replicas made in our shop.  Iron bolt measures 2  1/2" high x 1" and extends outward 1" when thrown via key.  In excellent condition and working well.  Comes complete with mounting screws.


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