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Early wrought iron one sided keyed access
Early wrought iron one sided keyed access

Circa 1800 Wrought Iron Dead Bolt, One Sided Keyed Access 600-914

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A very early hand wrought iron surface mount rim dead bolt, circa 1800, with one sided keyed access only.  The door must open inward with the lock mounted inside on a right hand door.   With only keyed access from the front it was used for areas such as a grainery, wine cellar, munitions storage, anything that needed secured. where the door would be unlocked upon entering and locked upon leaving.  The bolt body itself measures 3 1/4" high x 5" deep x 1".  This bolt is non-reversible, right hand only.  With original iron key 5" in length.  Inner works are visible with the partially open back in photo.  The 5/8" x 3/8" bolt throws 1/2".  Untouched and in original age patina.

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