1870's Front door lock, complete
1870's Front door lock, complete

Double Key Cast Iron Entry Rim Lock, 1875c, Complete, Restored 245-490

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Double key way cast iron Victorian vertical rim lock for a front entry door, manufactured circa 1875.  Lock body measures 5 3/4" x 3 3/4" and is reversible.   Lock has a night latch seen at the top edge of the lock which will lock the knobs.   The top key retracts the latch from the outside when the knobs are locked.  The 3/4" brass knob mounted in the center of outside edge pulls back to retract the latch from the interior when the knobs are locked.   This small knob on rosette back is threaded and can be mounted on either side of the lock when setting up the handing.  This feature made sure no one could enter your house from the outside without the latch key yet the door is easily opened from inside without a using a key.  It was called a front door lock.  The bottom key way throws the deadbolt which was used for security at night.  Keeper measures 1 1/8" width.  Back set is 2 7/8" - spacing is 2" to top key way and 3 1/2" to bottom key way top center.   Restored, complete with original white porcelain door knobs, cast iron rosette, and key escutcheons - plus one key for each key way.  Comes with slotted mounting screws.  Complete and ready to install. 
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