6" horizontal rim lock, complete
6" horizontal rim lock, complete

Early 1870's Cast Iron 6" Horizontal Rim Lock 245-460

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Large entry size cast iron rim lock, circa 1875.  Lock measures 3 3/4" high x 6" without the keeper and is reversible shown as left hand above.  Keeper measures 1" additional.  Lock is restored to black finish and is in excellent condition.  In the early configuration of deadbolt on top and knob latch below with a nigh latch on bottom edge to lock knobs for privacy without using the keyed deadbolt.  Complete with brown swirl mineral  knobs, cast iron rosette, key escutcheon, and one key.  Back set to knob center 4 3/4" - back set to keyhole center is 2  1/8".  Complete with slotted screws. 
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