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Early wrought iron blanket chest grab lock
Early wrought iron blanket chest grab lock

Early Antique Wrought Iron Grab Lock for Blanket Chest Box 445-257

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Early hand wrought iron grab lock or blanket chest lock from the early 1800's.  Locks were mounted on the inside of the front board of blanket chests and when the lid is closed the lock automatically "grabs" the lid mounted keeper and locks the chest.   The key must be used to unlock the chest.  Lock measures 6" high x 3  7/8" wide with a 4  1/4" selvedge from top to center of top of keyhole.  Original lid keeper is mounted on 3" x 7/8" iron mount and arrow has a drop of  1  1/2".  Top lip on lock body extends  1  5/16":  Iron key is 4 3/4".  In working condition - turns hard holding in hand but well when mounted in position in box.  Being sold as found.

Note: It is unwise to place grab lock keys inside the blanket chest!  


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