Circa 1860 early cast iron cupboard latch
Circa 1860 early cast iron cupboard latch

Early Victorian Cupboard Latch Cast Iron, Brass Knob, Working Complete 1860 445-228

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Early Victorian cupboard latch in plain cast iron with pointed ends and brass knob.   Latch side measures 2 3/4" deep x 1 1/2" high.  The keeper side measures 1 1/4" deep additional.  Brass knob is  3/8" diameter.  Latch is guaranteed to be original antique from circa 1860.  Remnants of the original black finish on both the latch and keeper.  Untouched, as found, showing surface rust and appropriate age with remnants of original finish.  In good working condition with no cracks or breaks in the iron.  Knob is secure.  Purchase is for one early cast iron cupboard latch.

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