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German Elbow Rim Lock Complete
German Elbow Rim Lock Complete

German Elbow Lock, Restored, Complete 245-529

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A German or Dutch Elbow Lock for exterior or interior use, circa 1860.  Levers are spoon style and the off-side (exterior) has spoon handle and full back plate (5 1/2" x 1 1/8") - handle mounts through the door and lock and is secured on the inside with a nut on the end of the spindle.  Lock body measures 5 1/2" x 4" x 1" and offers a slide privacy bolt seen at the bottom of the lock which was used for privacy without using the keyed dead bolt.  .  This type of lock is not reversible and is left hand only and will fit a door up to 1  1/2" thick without modification which can be provided upon request.  Lock is marked on the bolt Alfred Field & Co, Progress, Germany - a nice example of the lock made in Germany and exported to the U.S. during the mid 1800's.  In excellent condition, restored to black finish, and complete with German keeper (4 3/4" x 1") and 4 1/2" key.  Complete with mounting screws.
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