1830 Restored Dutch Elbow Lock
1830 Restored Dutch Elbow Lock

Wrought Iron Dutch Elbow Lock, circa 1830 Restored, Complete 245-532

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An early square cornered Pennsylvania Dutch Elbow Lock in wrought iron for exterior or interior use, circa 1830.  Levers are spoon style and the off-side (exterior) has spoon lever handle, round rosette (1 3/4" dia.) and oval key escutcheon (2 1/2" x 1 1/2").  Handle mounts through the door and lock and is secured on the inside with a nut on the end of the spindle.  Lock body measures 4  1/4" high x 6" deep x 1 1/4" thick.  This type of lock is not reversible and is right hand only and will fit a door up to 1 1/4" thick without modification.  Lock is well made and working well.  Iron shows surface pitting which gives a pebbled appearance from age over all the lock, keeper, and handles.  Restored to black finish, and complete with German keeper (4 3/4" x 1 1/4") and 4 1/8" key.   Complete with mounting screws.