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Rare Ball's Patent Cast Iron Rim Lock
Rare Ball's Patent Cast Iron Rim Lock

Rare Ball's Patent 1838 Cast Iron Rim Lock, Restored, Complete 245-505

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Rare non-reversible American cast iron entry rim lock, signed on the bolt Ball's Patent.  Patent by Danial Ball, Kingsbury, New York, July 12, 1838  Patent Number 833.    A non-reversible left hand lock only.  These locks are very high quality and Ball's Patent was for gravitation works which operate with no springs via gravity and weights.  This type of lock was designed to never wear out and work as well today as they did when manufactured almost 200 years ago.  Restored to black finish, lock body measures 4" high x 6  3/8" deep x 3/4".  The keeper is an additional 1" on the jamb with brass trim and is a new replacement made in our own shop.  Early original narrow neck brass knobs with center nut mount on one end measure 1 3/4" in diameter with replacement brass rosette.  Knobs can adjust from 1" to 1 3/8" door.  Original brass key escutcheon ( 2 3/8" x 1") has swinging exterior cover.  Old bronze key is replacement.  Quality iron works are shown in open back photo.   Complete with slotted screws - ready for installation.   This lock is very heavy weighing about 4 pounds and has very smooth working action.  An exceptional early American cast iron signed rim lock.


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