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Western Thumb Latch in Cast Iron 100-836

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Cast iron Western style thumb latches - Blake handles combined with the Roggins latch mechanism.  This type of latch was offered in catalogs of several manufacturers during the circa 1880.  Handle measures 6 5/8" high with a 3 1/2" grip opening.   The original off-side bar set measures 4" deep x 2 3/8" high with side mount jamb keeper.  The latch includes a privacy latch mounted in the top hole of the backplate and staple.  Shown below center in unlocked position and on right in locked position which keeps the bar from lifting up and opening the door.  When mounted, the thumb lift shown below right protrudes through the door and rests under the bar for operation and acts as a grasp to lift the bar from that side.  This latch can work on a door maximum thickness of 1 3/8".  Restored and complete in natural iron finish, comes with slotted mounting screws.
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