Early 1800's wrought iron Suffolk handle
Early 1800's wrought iron Suffolk handle

Wrought Iron 10" Suffolk Thumb Latch Handle Only As Found 100-907

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Early 1800's American Suffolk style wrought iron thumb latch handle as found and  in very nice condition.  Large size measures 10  1/4" high x 2  1/2" across each cusp.  The handle has a 5" grip opening and is 7/8" across the center flat front.  The thumb press is flat and mounted through the upper cusp with a pin.  A straight thumb lift extends out 2  1/2" from the back - good for about a 1 3/4" door. maximum thickness.   Nicely executed early American Suffolk style thumb latch handle, untouched and offered found.  Unusually large size - often called a "bean" handle due to the cusps likeness to Lima beans.  Purchase is for single handle only.  

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