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Wrought Iron Blanket Chest Grab Lock, Complete
Wrought Iron Blanket Chest Grab Lock, Complete

Wrought Iron Grab Lock for Blanket Chest 1800's Original Key 445-980

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Single flush mount antique original grab lock style lock with original key and strike for a blanket chest or box.  The lock is clean and in good condition and working with original key.  Lock body measures 6" high x 3  1/4" across at widest point x 7/8" deep.  The top lip edge is 2" x 3/4".  Selvedge is about  3  1/4" - original key is 4  1/2" for a 1  3/4" board thickness maximum.  Strike or keeper measures about 3  1/2" x 1  1/4" at widest - catch drops about 1".  This grab lock style of chest lock does not need the key to lock because it will automatically grab into the lock when the lid is closed and be locked - the key is then needed to open.   Lock has been left in original surface showing appropriate age.  
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